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ImpatienceĀ –> Solution

Keeping self grounded with creative activities help curb impatience. Now their may arise a question what exactly are the grounding activities.

The answer is very simple anything and everything which brings us close to nature and our true being is categorized as grounding activities. Following are some of the grounding activities that one can practice:

  • Doing regular exercise
  • Practicing yoga
  • Hydrating your body well
  • Keeping track of what you keep in your mouth i.e. please stick to a healthy diet. A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping and keeping safe a healthy mind.
  • Develop love and respect for yourself. But be careful at this step you don’t want to become a narcissist. Loosing compassion is the most common mistake people. As it is very difficult to judge the difference between self love and narcissism.

Impatience can ruin the outcomes be vary of the danger.

Guilty of loveing your ex ?

Know that at that time you were true to them and yourself. Focus on what you wanted, as what you face now is a yet another difficulty thrown in your face by destiny. It wants to give you the very best but wants to make you worthy of it beforehand. So you can respect what you get.

It know how to condition you, it is a yet another way of the cosmos. They just want to deliver the meaninful messages nothing more than that. 

If message is not learnt the first time, the severity is increased for the second time. Thats just it. “Save yourself from the bullshit” and contemplate it before falling for the similar thing again. But do take care of yourself along the rocky journey.

Investing time in physical activities like gym and creative endaevors like arts and crafts go a long way in healing the heart and mind. Your mind is hurt the most in a bad relationship. Your heart is the idiot who wants to commit it again.

Reasons to forgive yourself.( I found them out after months of contemplation. It is hard to forgive and forget. But for our own sake we need to steer ourselves out.)

#You felt it was the right thing to so at that time.

#You were not knowing that it would not work. 

#You wanted a wonderful pure begining for self and not any destruction.

Humans tend to make mistakes, God forgives us and gives us another chance to prove ourswlves and learn from our mustakes.

Pleadge you will not commit the same mistakes again and respect youreelf more.

“Satan attacks this sensitive part” as he knows this is very difficult for any human. We need to learn to accept our mistakes and forgive ourselves. This will remove the beast and help us in calming down.

Cut the chords with darkness and and form new connections with light. You will feel “anew“. You are already own a centuries old soul though if you even want to judge if you are not new. šŸ˜‰

Everyday brings new you and a new chace to make it all different. Start preparing for your tommorow and make it super awsum this time. All the best.👍🎉

*Stop cursing yourself. You were not wrong but manipulated and blindfolded by the situations you were into. It wanted to give you karmic lesson and make you a pure soul by cutting off bad old Karma and teaching you to live in balance.

Om shanti om