The feeling of falling in love is an amazing one. But don’t love for the initial temptations. You need a more solid and sound relationship to help you grow and develop your soul.

In this online world we can come across people who may hit left and right. But the most sound of relationships are built on the pillars of respect, inner strength and character.

Now, how to narrow down your choices. What you wish is what you get. This is the most talked about “Universal Law of attraction“. Lets see how it works.

  • Psychologically it colors our perception. this colored perception in turn brings into action another universal law.
  • Law of equal and opposite reaction Newtons law“. You treat the other person bad they will eventually start guarding themselves.

So, one needs to be very carefull while making the first step. We could enter a cycle of universal laws and feel belittled. Choosing on our first impulse is never the correct option. From this we can conclude that we should first sleep on our first impulses on giving the person ourselves completely. This takes care of the initial impulse.

After that do your background study on the two most important aspects of the person.

1  Character


judging them is very important, once you offer yourself it would be difficult to judge them as love would make one blind. All of us love the euphoria of being blind in the feeling of love. But precious one understand the truths and love yourself first.

All relationships which are built on the expectations that the other person will fill their empty heart end up being more painful and dissatisfing. So, love yourself first and then look for someone to share your experiences.


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