The burdensome Social Conditioning

Stops majority of the creative people to express themselves. If this clutersome ritual can be abolished we would have a million more artists, poets and enterpreneurs.

The strong have created a barrier for other an un necessary one. 

We all need to let our inner child free. The day they come out this black and white can be more colorful and pleasent to live in.


Ways of Rewarding adopted by Cosmos

 Put efforts into social works you may get rewarded in career. Put efforts into developing stable career you may get rewarded in your family life.

Cosmos have a strange way of rewarding, extremely difficult to comprehend.

Forget about the final outcome just go with the currents of time and try to give your best shot at whatever challenge life has tossed into your boundries.

#Remember boundries are ment to be broken and expanded.

You never know how you are being rewarded by building positive karma.

Too hard on self ?

Too hard on self ? For something or someone ?

Dont be because one day your inner voice is going to hunt you down and make you repent. Unless you did for developing your greatest self or for the greater good.

Their may be other cases where you feel you feel you were hard on yourself because you wanted yourself to grow. That may be right thing to do but balancing the act changes the game.

Balancing makes the journey of reaching the goals more pleasent and bearable. 

*we all hate difficult situations, don’t we ?

Learning to balance the yin and yang, hot and cold whatever you say helps a great deal.

Life Partner – True beauty

Most of us would like to keep beautiful things around us to make us feel good. This perception at times also colors our decision of choosing the correct human being; our partner for us.

Our life partners are the ones who should be judhed for their positive vibe and beautiful inner self. Outer beauty may be deceptive.

A battle won with Cheating

A battle won with cheating is a battle won with ease.

It does not have to be a battle, it can any regular day achievement: career, love and relationship or family life. The cheat makes the win less rewarding. And you dont want anything to spoil your winning moment. 

Lets take the example when a women is given painrelievers for birthing. After giving birth such women have reported the experience to be less fulfilling.

Another example taking metformin for weight loss rather sweating in the gym. And a host of other options that are available for reducing weight some are as scary as implanting metal gauzes on the tounge. The gauze makes it a terrible experience to eat anything and everything.

Your gut knows it all. You may cheat the world but cannot cheat yourself.

Be patient and develop your highest version that would be the most fulfilling experience of the lifetime.

Soul Star – Impatience

Impatience gets the best of us at times. It is a sign that we are looking forward to something eagerly. But it can also wear us out.

* Learning to let go and giving it to the cosmos is such a relief. Try it out, may be difficult to implement but give peace to the ever buzy brain.

Daily DosageĀ 

Politics can make or brake a Nations. Then we all need to not hate politics and regulate it.

* Dont run away from political topics, as they may sound uncomfortable but learn to dive deep in to float on the waters comfortably.