Keeping self grounded with creative activities help curb impatience. Now their may arise a question what exactly are the grounding activities.

The answer is very simple anything and everything which brings us close to nature and our true being is categorized as grounding activities. Following are some of the grounding activities that one can practice:

  • Doing regular exercise
  • Practicing yoga
  • Hydrating your body well
  • Keeping track of what you keep in your mouth i.e. please stick to a healthy diet. A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping and keeping safe a healthy mind.
  • Develop love and respect for yourself. But be careful at this step you don’t want to become a narcissist. Loosing compassion is the most common mistake people. As it is very difficult to judge the difference between self love and narcissism.

Impatience can ruin the outcomes be vary of the danger.


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